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Training Area and Deer Stand Map


2019 Turkey Hunt Area Map

FY22-23 Wildlife Field Plantings

                                                                           Bow Areas 1 and 6                                                Bow Areas 2 and 13                                            Bow Areas 5 and 11                                                      Bow Area 7

                                                                                                                          Bow Area 8                                                   Bow Areas 9 and 10                                                     Bow Area 12


Waterfowl Hunting Areas Overall


               Davis Pond and Impoundment                                        20-C Waterfowl Area                                                26-B Waterfowl Area                                           Barstow Ponds Waterfowl Area



       Boyden Arbor and Gills Creek Waterfowl Areas                   Bynum Creek Waterfowl Area                                Chaver's Pond Waterfowl Area                                  Clark's Pond Waterfowl Area



                Cobb's Pond Waterfowl Area                                         Colonels Creek Waterfowl Area                              Dupree Pond Waterfowl Area                                 Messer's Pond Waterfowl Area



                   Odom Pond Waterfowl Area                                      Weston Lake Waterfowl Area                                  South Pond Waterfowl Area                                      TA 6BC Waterfowl Area

   NOTE:  When Deer and Waterfowl seasons coincide, a 200-meter buffer exists around waterfowl hunt areas open to waterfowl hunting.  Deer hunting is prohibited within this buffer during the hours of waterfowl hunting on days when these areas are open to waterfowl hunters.

                                                                                      Dove Fields


                                                       2022-2023 Dove Fields


Fort Jackson Ponds Map



                                                                           Boyden Arbor Pond                                                                                                                                                               Golf Course Area Ponds



Heise Area Ponds



Range Area Cycling Routes

            Cycling Route 1



                                   Cycling Route 2                             

             Cycling Route 3


Cycling Route 4

Cycling Route 5

     Cycling Route 6