Q:  Who is eligible to hunt or fish on Fort Jackson?

A:  Hunting and fishing access is restricted to the following groups of individuals:  all active duty personnel, military retirees, Department of Defense appropriated fund and non-appropriated fund personnel, retired civilian employees, reservists, National Guard, Family members of the above, or others as determined by the Installation Commander, and the general public to participate in specific hunting and fishing events or programs (ex., managed hunts) as organized by DFMWR.

Q:  How do I obtain a permit to hunt or fish on Fort Jackson?

A:  The first thing all patrons need to do is register for an account in iSportsman.  Once registered log-in and click the acquire permits button and all permits will be accessible.  Please view the tutorial for a step by step guide.

Q:  Where do I find my Vehcile Pass?

A:  Go to "My Account" and click "print permits" and print.  The second page is your vehicle pass.  If the vehicle pass doesn't appear as the second page, you need to complete the information required for your vehicle.

Q:   Do I need to have a state license as well as a Fort Jackson license?

A:  Yes, Each person (16 years of age and over) who hunts or fishes on Fort Jackson must have in his/her possession a valid Fort Jackson hunting or fishing permit and a South Carolina hunting or fishing license.  Additionally, persons (16 and older) hunting waterfowl must have a Federal Duck Stamp and a South Carolina Migratory Waterfowl Permit (State Duck Stamp).  All migratory bird hunters (16 and older) must also have in their possession a free Migratory Bird Permit/Harvest Information Program (HIP) permit.  Turkey tags are required of all turkey hunters regardless of age.

Q:  Where do I obtain a state license?

A:  Contact SCDNR at www.scdnr.gov.

Q:  As a soldier stationed at Fort Jackson what are the residency requirements associated with SC hunting and fishing permits?

A:  Military personnel and their dependents stationed in SC for thirty days or longer, or who are domiciled in this state, are eligible for resident privileges with valid military identification. 

Q:  Do I have to register my firearms in order to hunt on post?  If so where?

A:  Yes firearms must be registered.  Fill out the FJ weapons registration form and take it to the VCC Monday-Sunday, 0500-2000.  The VCC is located just inside gate 2 on Strom Thurmond BLVD.   DO NOT BRING THE FIREARM WITH YOU!  Also, contrary to the address on the form take it to the vcc.

Q:  What is the difference between a participant and a guest? 

A:  In iSportsman a “guest” is an individual who is just observing as you hunt or fish.  If an individual is actively participating with you in your hunting or fishing activity they are a “participant”.   

Q:  Can I bring a guest or participant to hunt or fish?

A:  Personnel 18 years of age or older who have a valid Fort Jackson hunting or fishing permit are authorized to invite individuals to participate in hunting or fishing activities or to observe hunting and fishing.  In order to participate they must register in isportsman and obtain a participant permit and the sponsor accompanies the participant while hunting or fishing.  If the guest is just observing no permit is required.  Refer to page 15 of the Fort Jackson Hunting and Fishing Regulation (FJ 28-4) for more information.  Also refer to pages 15 and 16 of the registration tutorial.

Q:  Whom should i call if I need assistance while hunting or fishing?

A:  If it's an emergency call Fort Jackson's 911 dispatcher at 751-9111.  If it is not an emergency and assistance is required call the MP desk at 751-3113.

Q:  If iSportsman isn't operational, What do I do?

 A:  If iSportsman is not functioning at all for an extended period, hunters and anglers can visit the Big Game Check Station at Heise's Pond for information on checking in to hunt or fish.  If you are currently checked in to a hunt area or pond, and desire to check out, proceed to the Big Game Check Station where you will check out in person.  When iSportsman is not operational, Cyclists are to check in and out by visiting Range Operations located on Dixie Road.