NOTICE:  Cycling is no longer permitted on the section of Dixie Road extending east of Wildcat Road intersection.  Cycling Route 6 is no longer available.


NOTE:  iSportsman check-in is not required for affiliated cyclists and runners if you are cycling or running only in the cantonment area.  Check-in/out for affiliated persons is only required if you ride or run beyond the cantonment area. 

All affiliated cyclists and runners wishing to ride or run beyond the cantonment area are to utilize the designated cycling/running routes.  To use these routes, affiliated cyclists and runners must establish access to the Fort Jackson iSportsman System by registering in iSportsman. You will then need to obtain a free iSportsman cycling/running permit, which is valid for one year from time of acquisition.  You then must use this iSportsman System to check-in and check-out each time you use the cycling routes.

Affiliated cyclists are not required to have a FMWR Cycling Membership to ride on Fort Jackson. 


If you are a Non-affiliated Cyclist (i.e. you currently do not have access to the installation) wanting to ride on Fort Jackson, please contact the Directorate of Family, Moral, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) for information.  They can be contacted at 803-751-3484.  You can also visit their website for information at ....     Also, the Fort Jackson FMWR Cycling Membership Instructions V2  can be found at this link:  /files/Fort%20Jackson%20FMWR%20Cycling%20Membership%20Instructions%20V2.docx

After you have completed the FMWR Cycling Membership process and have your ID (DBIDS) card, you will use this Fort Jackson iSportsman System to check-in and check-out when you ride the cycling routes.


All cyclists and runners wishing to ride or run beyond the cantonment area on the cycling routes, must check-in and check-out utilizing iSportsman.  You will no longer be required to stop at Range Operations to check in and out.

Click here for instructions on how to register in Fort Jackson's iSportsman system and obtain a free cycling/running permit.


Please keep you mobile phones with you and on while cycling and running.  This is so that you may receive any important text messages sent from iSportsman.


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